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 GEN SYSTEM How to join

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PostSubject: GEN SYSTEM How to join   Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:25 pm

Before Joining

Must be level 50 to join
You can only join guild with the same Gen
Before joining, make sure that you leave the guild, otherwise you wont be allowed to join either one of the family

How to Join

Talk to either one of the NPC below
NPC Vanert can be found in noria above the Vault
NPC Duprian can be located in the fountain area in Lorencia

Joining the Gen Family

You can choose only 1 party to the conflict
Joining 2 families of the same conflict is not allowed
Must be level 50 to join
You may play Gen Quest in Vulcanus
Check your Contribution status at a Gen NPC

Leaving the Gen Family

When you decide to leave a Gen Family, You are allowed to join a different famliy or the same family after 3 days
Hunting in Vulcanus Map is not allowed until you have joined the conflict

Gen Mark

After selecting one of the families, a sign of the clan will be visible

Duprian Family

Dispute Areas

Dispute areas may vary in different servers, for MU Online Philippines, Vulcanus is our dispute area
The fight for the clan can take place onlu in one of the dispute areas belonging to the conflict
These zones are devoid of any penalties for PK.
You earn points as well as gaining ranks when you kill opposing clan
You loose points when an opposing clan kills you
check your points and rank by pressing letter "B"

1 - Current Rank
2 - Current Rank Points
3 - Next Rank Points
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GEN SYSTEM How to join
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