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 Eyes Here(Rules&Regulations)

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PostSubject: Eyes Here(Rules&Regulations)   Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:49 pm

Welcome to MythicalMU Community!
In order to create an enjoyable community for everyone,
Please read the following forum rules carefully.
Whether you decide to read or not it is your decision.

MythicalMU Forum Rules:

1.MythicalMU Forum is free to join, and it serves the community as a social site. As such, please do not disturb other users: Do not use accusatory, harassing, irritating or provoking language. Do not express yourself through inappropriate or cussing words. Please avoid "flaming" users by all means. With no exception whatsoever, do not base your discussions on matters of sex, race, religion or ethnic background. If you cant follow this simple rule you will be warned accordingly.

2.If you need to report a user, abuser, hacker, cheater or any person that breaks the rules either in-game or in-forums, please do so accordingly in the Report Section, and follow the reporting guidelines included in the section. Do not use any other Section. Do not act out of anger and harass or insult the reported person. Respect the staff?s evaluation and decision at all times. If you want to appeal the ruling, you may do so by submitting new evidence through PM to whoever is handling the case. MythicalMU Admin will punish any kind of bias, fraudulent, or dishonest reports either by infraction, temporary, or permanent ban.

3.If you need to contact one specific person please do so by Private Message (PM). A PM does not mean that you may bypass Rule # 1. Do not create a thread, or post in that person?s thread with the intent of contact; PM the person, you will save yourself time and an infraction. In addition, PMs are, like its name state, private by all means. You may not publicly post a received PM unless permission is given by the sender.

4. Marketing of any product with the intent to sell is prohibited, for any type of business transaction is illegal to conduct through forums. MythicalMU Forums are intended for leisure and entertainment.

5.Advertising other games unrelated to MythicalMU is also prohibited and will cause the first offense is a two months banned from the forum the second offense is a permanent banned.

Furthermore, advertising of other MU networks services, servers, forums, or related is strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in an automatic permanent ban from forums.

6.Impersonation, or misrepresentation of any user, either staff member or not, and regardless the intent to benefit from it or not, is illegal under this rules. You will be banned permanently for taking upon this action.

7.Abusing your posting power is not allowed, and is called spamming. There are many ways to spam, and in order to avoid any problems please follow the next:

(First)Do not just think of post-count, think of post-quality. Remember that what you say is more important than how many times you can say stuff. Further, post-count doesn?t make you more important; important words make you important.

(Second)Post accordingly to a thread?s topic, and stay on topic by all means possible. If your post is off-topic, you will be warned. If you continue with this posting behavior you will be infracted for spamming the forums.

(Third)Post as needed! Double and plus posting, posting back to back, power-posting, and bumping are considered as spam. You will be infracted accordingly for posting in such manner.

(FourthDo not irritate users. Spamming (or any other type of abuse of) a user?s Visitor Messages is prohibited. Warnings and/or Infractions will be assessed when needed.

8.Abusing User Reputation is strictly forbidden. This includes any type of trading, manipulation or agreement to affect a users reputation either positively or negatively. At no exception whatsoever, reputation has to be given out only if a post or thread was helpful, useful, wise, or constructed for the better of forums in any other way. Furthermore, it is not allowed to spread reputation in the Guilds Recruit, Guild Hall, Foreign Languages, Spam Zone or Market Section of the Forum Board. Breaking this rule will result in the following consequences:

The first offense is a warning or infraction.

The second offense is half of Reputation Power removed and the disabling of Reputation function for a week.

Third and final offense is all the Reputation Power removed and the disabling of Reputation function for a month. Every offense after this one will be punished as equal as a third offense.

9.Please show ultimate respect to the MythicalMU Admins/GM. The MythicalMU Staff and all of its members work voluntarily to service this community and provide fun free environment. Any sign of disrespect to any of them will be punished accordingly. If you have a disagreement with any of them you are more than welcome to discuss such by PM with the person you can also refer to the person superior: for Moderators, refer to the Lead Moderator; for GMs, refer to the HGMs. If you do not wish to speak to the Lead Moderator or HGM, please contact the Community Manager. For inconvenience with the Community Manager, Lead Moderator, or HGM, please contact the Administrators.

10.Every usage of offensive words or anything related to a bad behavior will be given a warning. At 2 warnings your Legend Tag will be disabled, permanently or for an amount of time (depends on how grave the situation was).
We will keep an eye especially on chatbox, not only on general forum posts.

11.Posting any obscene or inappropriate material is strictly not allowed in any part of the forum or used as signature/avatar/other profile image. This includes any gruesome, pornographic substance, female figure that has uncovered the areas of genitals/breasts/bottom or male figure that has uncovered the areas of genitals/bottom, and anything deemed unsuitable for this community forum. At any rate, failure to abide with this will be given a warning/infraction or an immediate ban of 1 months depending on the level of obscenity.

12.Any kind of advertisement, promotion or other positive influence to illegal or/and harmful substances is not allowed. The forum's members are in majority teenagers and easily influenced so simply avoid talking about drinks, smoking and especially drugs.

13.While it's ok to use colored fonts when you want to give emphases into something or septate your post to themes, you are not allowed to use them just for show in all of your posts. Although it is ok to use different font / bold / italic to make your post special, colors can be harmful to the eyes and make the forum look ridiculous when each member uses a different color.

14.Inregards to the MythicalMU Game Rules; the MythicalMU Market Section is here for you to use so long as you obey, and follow the game rules, and the Forum rules. Do not exploit the market section by selling, or buying in-game items or accounts illegally. This includes selling items which are 3 options and above (Full Option/Donated items). Selling accounts, either connected or not, with 3 options or above (Full Option/Donated items) items regardless for real currency or in-game items is a direct violation of both the Forum rules, and Game rules. You will be permanently banned if caught violating these rules.

15.Advertising other websites and/or encouraging others to do illegal actions such as some of the sites to make easy black money online or even worst things is not allowed.

16.Fishing people with referral links to sites like games, other forums etc is not allowed. You are still allowed to advertise your own site though but only if you have approval from the admins.

17.All legitimate events that had been authorized by the server will be posted under Special Events and its subforums. This section is open to anyone who intends to share his or her creations with other forumers, yet it will require approval and feedback from a senior prior to posting. While is allowed to either host, or participate in event outside of this section it shall be made clear that MythicalMU Team will take no responsibility in cases of fraud or scam

18.Please post in English as much as possible in any section. You may not use your local dialect in the General Discussion Forum. If by any means, you cannot adhere to this specific rule or you have difficulty in speaking in English, you may post in any language of your preference, still with a bit of English, as long as the general public understands what you are posting. We are a global server so please act like you play in one.

Best Regards,
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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Here(Rules&Regulations)   Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:21 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Here(Rules&Regulations)   Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:18 am



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PostSubject: Re: Eyes Here(Rules&Regulations)   

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Eyes Here(Rules&Regulations)
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