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 Character Stats

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PostSubject: Character Stats   Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:23 pm

Character Stats

Every character has four basic statistics: Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Energy. When a player gains enough experience points to level up they can distribute 5 points freely among these stats. Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord characters gain 7 points instead of 5. When a character reaches level 220 they may take on a special quest so that every level up will get them 6 points instead of 5. In addition, for every level beyond 220 they will receive 1 point, so there is no waste. After doing this quest, at level 380 a player can start a new quest to get their character getting 7 points each level instead of 6.

Strength - This is a character's physical strength. The more invested in this stat, the more damage dealt when striking with a melee weapon and the less chance of missing an enemy. Higher strength allows a character to equip stronger armor and weapons.

Agility - This measures a character's dexterity. Agility increases a character's hitting accuracy, attack speed, defense and evade rate (known in the game as defense rate). While Strength determines melee damage, Agility determines damage from a Bow or Crossbow. Some weapons and equipment require large numbers of Agility points, and every piece of Elf armor requires some.

Vitality - This is a character's toughness. Vitality gives a character extra HP so that it can survive more damaging hits.

Energy - This is a character's capability to use skills and spells. Dark Wizards and Energy Elves need large amounts of Energy to learn new spells, while Dark Knights mainly require it to use their weapon skills more often. Investing points in Energy increases maximum mana, mana recharging rate and "AG" as well as increasing the damage that a skill does.

Command This is a special stat that only Dark Lords have. It measures the ability a Dark Lord has to handle the pets of nature. By increasing command, a Dark Lord may learn new spells (apart from Fireburst, which only requires energy, and Force, the spell given to new DL's). A Dark Lord that has raised a lot of command can also hold the maximum capacity of 80 guild members if he's a Gui
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Character Stats
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