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  [Guide]Marlon Quest (For Combo and For other classes)

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PostSubject: [Guide]Marlon Quest (For Combo and For other classes)   Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:17 am

Hello there! I find this thread a bit old. So here's a more detailed guide about Marlon's Quest.

To be able to get Combo (For BK), learn some skills, and to be able to do 3rd Class Quests (For all classes), you need first to finish Marlon's Quest.

Marlon could be found in different maps namely:

Lorencia, Noria, Devias and Atlans:

For Marlon's Quest you need the following :

For Blade Knight class you need:

at least level 220

Ring of Honor:

and Dark Stone

For other classes, since they are not capable of combo, you only need Ring of Honor to finish the quest.

Note: Ring of Honor and Dark Stone can be bought from NPC. (in Loren Bar and in potion girl)

After you are done with the Quest, you can check your skills (For BK) if it has combo indication already.

It should look like this (For BK only):
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[Guide]Marlon Quest (For Combo and For other classes)
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