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 Section Rules

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PostSubject: Section Rules   Thu Jan 24, 2013 2:25 am

Post your best Suggestions for the GOOD of our SERVER

Search before you post.
No constant bumping
You may only bump your suggestion if you are adding a significant amount of information to the original idea once every 24 hours. Anything other than that can be removed/locked and bumping posts merged.
Be respectful
Trolling someone else suggestion just because you do not like it is unacceptable. When critiquing an idea, always be respectful to the original thread poster, even if they are not respectful to you.
Do not purposely create a suggestion to insult someone's suggestion. Word by word copied suggestion threads will be locked and or deleted.
If you find trolling in your thread, please report and ignore them. Please note: Criticism does NOT equal trolling. Some people will not like your suggestion, and that is ok.
If you like the suggestion, feel free to Like the original post.
Represent your thread correctly
Please make sure your thread title reflects what's in your thread.
Making the thread title all caps does not attract good attention to your thread, please refrain from doing it.



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Section Rules
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