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 something just came up.please read

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PostSubject: something just came up.please read   Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:53 pm

ok i was a normal player when i started playing but then i realize there were no ways to defeat donors with gears from the webshop. done with the research and all,but everything seems to be so UNBALANCE. even if u manage to up webshop gears to +15 ingame, it still wont work. so no choice but to donate something. i donated gears for my wiz, and the game starts to be fun. killing low level toons, killing afk toons, ruining leveling areas, running away from BM and /post*ing "ASA", twas so fun and it starts when i donated to the server. So if nondonors are reading this please put in mind that I KNOW HOW U FEEL.

we all know that this is a PK server. so its SABOTABLE that pve isnt really an option to have fun here. but since we only 1 CS every week there is nothing to do after and before it. and that makes it kinda boring especially for FULL donors like me. i dont need to hunt items anymore, why would i? and ppl are online just to level his/her other toon. and strong toons are just lazily standing there at loren just waiting to troll at someone. you first have to tell someone to come to arena and lets get bloody. its frustrating sometimes u know..^^ so because of those boring times. something came up to my mind. how about buffing bosses like MEDUSA and SELUPAN and especially KUNDUN? buff them like x999999damge and x999999 def and gives more Wcoins and drops 1 +13 3ops gear? why? so that maxed with FO gear toons has something to do while w8ng for events and for CS. they can also help guildies that needs gears. even its a pk server. its still feels good to see a full party to go on a mission to hunt a certain boss. that gives more fun right? that also makes the players to stay online for a longer time. dont worry pk wont stop there since there is no telling that someone might be making a party to hunt the same boss.. so they have to pk there + the that wud be fun. cheers cheers

admins and game masters please separate non-donors and donors for events like LAST MAN STANDING. you should know why. we all know its unfair to nondonors.. nothing to explain more

pls put a strict rule that donor basing is prohibited. donor bash is like this "malakas ka lang kasi donor ka" or "donors are gay" or "F@#$ you all donors! DIE!". yes we are overpowered because of our FO gears etc. but being told with that is an insult for me as a donor. they should know how respect donors because they are the number 1 supporters of the server. they donated for the server and the admins gives FO gears in return. im not saying this to step on nondonors but atleast let them know that.

im going post more when i have the time but since there is an event going on..see ya next time Wink Wink
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PostSubject: Re: something just came up.please read   Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:37 pm


Indeed, there's a lot of things to do in the game, try to boost a new and non-donator players. We can't tell that all donators are overwhelming in this game. I've already noticed that non FO players are still tough, maybe in other ways, they can't stand against PVP, PK and etc. My point is non-donators can beat a donator, look what did just happen in the last Castle Siege, some of the non-donators beat the donators by their tactics and diversions. If they can't fight them face to face find other way to beat them if you can't kill them. (by defending the crown)

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PostSubject: Re: something just came up.please read   Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:04 pm


Your Right at certain times, me myself had received nasty comments on my donations, its very upsetting when they say " ew donator, salig ka donator ka," or such words as so, Its really not our fault for doing so,. So kindly ignore them and let them say what they say. They're not God to judge us on what we do and what we dont do.

And on the boss monsters, yes it would be cool for them to be a lil bit tougher, for donators it might be a challenge to face a stronger Boss monster. But how about characters who are non donors?,. I agree on the drops thou being more satisfying such as 3 opt stuff which are plus 11+ or such. But let us let our Admins be the minds and support of our server.

farao Crow
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PostSubject: Re: something just came up.please read   

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something just came up.please read
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