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 :) Best class on given situations and their pros

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PostSubject: :) Best class on given situations and their pros   Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:36 pm

As we all know, this game is very much focused on PVP. And the fun part about it is that there are many ways to engage in PVP.
Such as:
*Castle Siege
* War

The question is, on these PVP situations, which class reigns supreme? If there is a class that excels in all, which one is it?
Also, given a specific class, which build fits which?

I assume that many will say BK however, let us not leave the other classes behind. I would like to know their pros and cons compared to other classes.

Like for example. I think an SM does well in all of these situations.
*SM has high damage and with proper gear, is able to kill all class.
*Has high survival ability because of MS.
*HP is small, damage is too high. So will most like die from someone with high ref

Xiexie is here Smile

Im Back.. Sorry im so Busy Razz
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PostSubject: Re: :) Best class on given situations and their pros   Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:09 am

Good day Xiexie,

As we all know there are 6 classes which can be selected, which the addition of the lastest character called the Rage Fighter. Every character is powerful in its own way. This varies from build,weapons, sets, sockets and option of an item.

Bk -pros
Once maxed leveled Pk is now possible
Easy Build make up
Beast Combo damage (right build)
swell (increase HP)

Donators may kill and dominate in pk areas
Easily killed without the right items ex.set(def)

Wiz (recommended for buffs only)
Mana shield

easily gets killed unless with right build
easily killed unless you have beast armor
practically useless on pk area

Elf (buffer recommended)

awesome buffer adds 20 k damage to buffed char
excellent supporter

-dies easily

DL -Pros
Great pusher (horse skill)
has critical damage skill
great pkyer (with right items)

dont use DL unless you have right items on hand

Summoner (killer)

Beast in killing with skill even without proper items(need right build)

dies easily

Hard hitter
high vit
hard to kill
when swelled Hp reaches 300k


Well this is all I know, hOPe i helped even alil
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PostSubject: Re: :) Best class on given situations and their pros   Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:44 am

but for me all of them are equal, it depends on their stats build-up.

BK - one of the most favorite Melee Type Char.
especially in PK's, PVP, and even in CSW.

SM - is one of the best if you know how to use this kind of character.
MS is the n0.1 assest of SM. Addition of the Teleport style of a user, you can kill your enemy easy. (Depends on the User strategy)

ELF - Long Range fighter can be killed easily, but if you kn0w h0w t0 manage the ELF POWER + BUFF + strategy, you dominate your enemy.

DL - Long Range Fighter, great skills + DH or DR skills ^_^.

Summoner - High Skilled Character.

RF - Great Fighter at the same time great Buffer...
(I'm not really expert in this type)...

Play Fair & Square...

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PostSubject: Re: :) Best class on given situations and their pros   Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:28 am

About MG [+] and [-]
+ Aweosme Dmg [with ancient sets like gaion/amis]
+ not bad def
- easily can die from ref
- more than 1 kundun can kill him easily [without buffs]
+ can wear mini sm and mini bk wings ^^
- Low HP
+ On CS with Buffs or sometimes without it, can easily kill switcher etc.
- on duels, most of MG Died from Ref.
+ War? not bad, distance attack and its ok.

Summ :
+ High Dmg
+ Can kill Kunduns without buffs
+ ref buff
+ not bad dmg
- Low HP
- same like MG can die from Enemy Ref
- without buffs on PvP sometimes is like paper [combo from BK]
+ On CS High Dmg
- without def buffs : swell/ms is useless when other have fb
- Die on duel fast.
+ And Again Distance attack on wars

1st BK
Biggest HP
Suitable to ref type set

2nd Elf
High Defense(Def Buff)
High Damage(High Dmg)
1 of the fastest skill(5 shots)

5ft RF
Fastest Skill(Dark Side)
100% Ignore(Ignore Buff)

6th DL
critical Damage(Gives EDR also)
High Defense
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PostSubject: Re: :) Best class on given situations and their pros   Sat Mar 09, 2013 2:49 am

Let me sum up my [many] experiences that have been accumulated ever since this game in different servers Smile
Do note though that my review doesn't include external factors such as sets. I based the following from my observations on them as [characters] and some in-game default stat-modifier items, i.e. wings, pets for dark lord.

-Outrageous HP
-Fairly high defense
-Does high damage
-Melee fighter

-ice arrow
-Demoralizing low health
-low damage (PVP even with her buffs)

-hard to kill when paired with teleport skill
-annoying when used with lightning skill
-MS buff (def increase)
-average damage (PVP i.e. ice storm skill, nova)
-outrageously low defense (even with MS)
-very easy to kill when caught (could not teleport fast enough)

-High defense (with dark horse)
-Fairly high damage (even in PVP)
-Moves fast (with dark horse)
-Critical damage buff
-Lvls fast (with dark raven)
-average hp

-probably the weakest char in game

-Insane damage bursts... consecutive LAGUNA BLADEs anyone? (PVP)
-buffs (reflect)
-low defense
-low hp

-deals consecutive bursts of damage, faster than SUMM
-high HP (buff)
-ignore buff
-dsr buff
-average defense despite being a melee char (attributable for being without separate gloves in his sets)


Disclaimer: I hold no liability or whatsoever that may arise from reading this post. This is just my personal opinion, and yes, this is FREE.

Listen to the positive alternative, Air1! and hit listen now!
The Heavens Twist and Thunders roar, signaling the coming of this ancient creature and the dawn of true POWER!!
[Slifer, The Sky Dragon]

By the power vested upon me, I shall CLOSE threads I deem irrelevant and useless! nyahahaha
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PostSubject: Re: :) Best class on given situations and their pros   

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:) Best class on given situations and their pros
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